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Worldwide Airline Postcards

My sharing of Worldwide Airlines via postcards.   World Wide Airline-1 Worldwide Airline Postcard. United Airline. Boeing 747-100 a “Jumbo Jet”. Back of Postcard Information: Boeing 747-100.

Thai Airlines

My sharing of Thai Airlines via postcards, philatelic materials, photos and other ephemera. Thai Airlines-1 Thai Airlines Postcard. THAI. Reaching for Global Horizon. Thai Airlines-2 Thai Airlines Postcard. Beauty Forever. Southern Thailand. Thai Airlines-3 Thai Airlines Postcard. THAI. Smooth as silk. Thai Airlines-4 Thai Airlines Postcard. THAI. Smooth as silk. Thai Airlines-5 Thai Airlines Postcard. […]

Singapore Airlines Postcard

SingaporeAirlinesPostcard-1 Singapore Airlines Postcard. SIA Boeing 707 Superjet. Note: In 1968, the Boeing 707 started to be the mainline of aircraft. SingaporeAirlinesPostcard-2 Singapore Airlines Postcard. Back of Postcard Information: Our exclusive fleet now includes the magnificent 747 Super-Bs, 747Bs, DC10s, 707 Superjets, 727 Hightails and the A300 Superbus. SingaporeAirlinesPostcard-3 Singapore Airlines Postcard. SIA 747B – […]

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